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Here's Where I Belong [Original, Musical]   Mar 3, 1968 - Mar 3, 1968


Breakfast at Tiffany's [Original, Musical]   Never offically opened - Dec 14, 1966

    Assistant Choreographer

Ben Franklin in Paris [Original, Musical]    Oct 27, 1964 - May 1, 1965

    Assistant to Michael Kidd Director/Choreographer

Bye Bye Birdie [Original, Musical, Comedy]        Apr 14, 1960 - Oct 7, 1961

    Performer:[TV Stage Manager; Understudy:  Birdie

     Assistant to Gower Champion Director

West Side Story [Original, Musical, Drama]        Sep 26, 1957 - Jun 27, 1959

     Performer: A-Rab

Li'l Abner [Original, Musical, Comedy]       Nov 15, 1956 - Jul 12, 1958

     Performer: Lonesome Polecat, Dancer



Acting TV & Films

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Walker, Texas Ranger (TV series)

Lou Massucci– El Coyote: Part 2 (1996) … Lou Massucci


Hunter (TV series)

Jake Hutton    Little Man with a Big Reputation (1991) … Jake Hutton


Riptide (TV series)

TV Show Director     If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em (1986) … TV Show Director


The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour (TV series)

Various Characters     Episode #2.13 (1972) … Various Characters


The New Interns

Joe (uncredited)


The Outer Limits (TV series)

Genero Planetta   The Invisibles (1964) … Genero Planetta


Love with the Proper Stranger

Fat (uncredited)


Combat! (TV series)

Morello / Sgt. Kurawicz

– The Celebrity (1962) … Sgt. Kurawicz

– Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd (1962) … Morello


The Longest Day

Cook (uncredited)


 West Side Story


Directing TV & Films


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 7th Heaven (TV series)

 Love Boat: The Next Wave (TV series)

 Walker, Texas Ranger (TV series)

 Burke's Law (TV series)

 Hunter (TV series)

 True Blue (TV series)

 Matlock (TV series)

 Day by Day (TV series)

 Coming of Age (TV series)

 Jake and the Fatman (TV series)

 Easy Street (TV series)

 Valerie's Family (TV series)

 The A-Team (TV series)

 Riptide (TV series)

 Hardcastle and McCormick (TV series)

 Shadow Chasers (TV series)

 The Greatest American Hero (TV series)

1984 Young Hearts (TV movie)

 Family Ties (TV series)

 Private Benjamin (TV series)

 Baker's Dozen (TV series)

 Love, Sidney (TV series)

 Love in the Present Tense (TV movie)

 The Brady Brides (TV series)

 I'm a Big Girl Now (TV series)

 Flo (TV series)

 Good Time Harry (TV series)

 Nobody's Perfect (TV series)

 Benson (TV series)

 Angie (TV series)

 The Associates (TV series)

 Goodtime Girls (TV series)

 Turnabout (TV series)

 Brothers and Sisters (TV series)

 Quincy M.E. (TV series)

 Flatbush (TV series)

 M*A*S*H (TV series)

 Rhoda (TV series)

 The Tony Randall Show (TV series)

 Just Tell Me You Love Me

 We've Got Each Other (TV series)

 Busting Loose (TV series)

 3 Girls 3 (TV series)

 The Practice (TV series)

 1976 Phyllis (TV series)

 Doc (TV series)

 The New Lorenzo Music Show (TV movie)

 Cousins (TV movie)

 The Harlem Globetrotters Popcorn Machine (TV series)